Tips for choosing a new domain name if you name is already taken

– Look at the different domain zones, if possible. For example, you are working in Kiev and chose the name for the stationery store “clip”. Domain in the zone busy, but the domain zone free, its safe to enroll in the future it will be possible to expand the business, start selling in Ukraine.
– Add the domain keyword (only if your name is one word, if the two – it will look ridiculous).
– Add some prefix, e.g., domain busy, can be used as an option

General tips:

– Write the words on the transliteration correctly without errors.
– Try to choose simple words, in which there is no hissing sounds – w, h, w, writing on the transliteration which may cause difficulty.
– Avoid complicated, long words (the shorter the better). This name cannot be read and remembered. Less signs, fewer mistakes when writing. Another advantage of a short domain – it can be placed in a logo.
– A domain name should be easy to remember and meaningful. A simple set of letters to keep in mind is difficult, for example
– Domain must also be seen easily by ear. For example, with the writing of such a domain may be nuances:,, etc.
In such case can not be bound to the name of your company, and to be guided only by the scope of activities, use the keyword in the domain.

For example, there is a shop “Kingdom windows”, but this name will be hard to write, besides, the company is not very well known, so the domain should consider the following options: okna, mir-okon and so on.

Using the store name in the domain should be in if you’re going to spin the brand, increase awareness of the store. If you are not going to change anything in the activities of the store, customers will continue to do no more than one purchase, store name, which they see on the Internet, they is nothing to say. Therefore, guided by the scope and region – the effect will be greater.

It is desirable to use the domain name of the store. Regular customers will be looking for you on the internet by name, and it will be good if the search does not make them work. Again, do not forget these tips, consider the options with different variations – stands for activity, add different domain areas and so on. If you are known in your town and you are interested in customers from that region, use the reference to the region.