ALL ABOUT Domain Registration and Transfer

We are often asked: “Why, after registering the domain is not available right away? Why do I need to wait a few hours? After all, you say that the domain name registration takes only a few minutes, so what then caused such a long wait? “Around the same issues arise in the process of transferring the domain to our hosting:” And I, what can we expect? Domain is already registered in the address NS-servers I’ve changed. What’s the matter? “The legitimacy, and today we will try to understand in detail and to answer them.

To do this, let’s see how the procedure for registering a domain from the very beginning.

How does the “domain” kitchen?
Domain ownership technically and legally regulate the organization – the administrators of domain zones. This, for example, ICANN (the zone .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO), IANA (zone .US, .TV, .WS), the Coordination Center for TLD (.RU zone and .SU,. Code), etc.

Directly involved in domain name registration domain name registrars, which administrators to delegate the right domain registration, and who have access to a database of all domains (registry, registry) to change it.

Each domain zone, as a rule, there are several registrars: for example, today in the domain zone .RU about 25 registrars have domain zones .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc. – Countless registrars. Registrars maintain a database of registered domains, provide access to this database via the Whois and support root DNS-servers with the corresponding NS-records domains.